Villa Buena 13% 750ml Red

Dep Wine Review

Bottled in Montreal Quebec

Description: Kinda makes my cheeks taste bad. Watery back-tongue and roof tang. Not very complex.

The bottle suggests: “Eat with cheese.” We say don’t. It makes the cheese taste bad. In fact, the cheese was the best part.

Sour green apple, cranberry?

Mellows with time.

They are covering up the blatant alcohol flavor with eucalyptus descriptions.

Bottle quotes “offering an intriguing balance between its grape varieties and red fruit.”

One dimensional.

Leaves a sweet perfumy flavor like they’re trying to hide a dark secret.

It’s like a night dip in a shallow pool.

On my tongue, sour twists in the end. A bit nauseating.

I really liked it actually. Less bite than most wines.

Afterthought: Would drink it again.

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