Le Depanneur

Dep Wine Review


Le dépanneur

For those of you who might not be familiar with our cultural novelty know as the ‘dépanneur”‘ or ‘dep’ for short, we are going to break it down for you.

Technically, the French verbs means ‘to troubleshoot’  but for our purposes we’re just going to say it means ” a corner store in Quebec where you can buy wine, beer and smokes until 11:00PM if you’re over 18 years of age or so”. The troubleshooting comes in when we save you from the wine hangover we know you’ve had.

If you live in Quebec, you can probably relate to the experience of finding that the SAQ is closed when you need to buy wine for the night. Alternatively, you might simply be stocking up– because let’s be honest here, if you do buy your wine from Deps you probably started day-drinking hours ago.

For most of us here at Dep Wine Review we’re pushing the 10 year mark of living in Montreal. Yet still when we walk, run or stumble into a Dep we can never seem to remember which bottle is the diamond in the rough.

You’re looking at a shelf of red and a cooler of white, you have to make a choice. The aesthetic, percentage, cost, and taste are what you are looking for.

Our mission is to taste and review all the dépanneur variety wines available in Montréal. Along with hints on how to remember what labels to stay away from you will be able to read the honest and raw reviews from a variety of local ‘connoisseurs’.