Companero 13% 750mL Red



Product of Spain


Pours like: soapy water.

Smells like: iron, copper, grapes (right?), sweetness (but not cloyingly).

I smell spring rain!

No you don’t. It’s more like purple rain.

Yeah! I smell purple rain!

 Tastes like: A hollow ghost going down your throat.

Acidic, tart, bits of cherry, cucumber and pineapple. Leaning toward apricot. Peachy apricot. Tastes like a port.

You can’t even taste it going down your throat.

It’s intuitionally good. It knows what you want.

One tastes skips to the next.

Yes! And like, you’re flying through good tastes and then the next taste is you hitting the asphalt. But you bounce off again.

You can’t even taste it going down your throat.

It is like Australia meets Spain.

What the bottle says:

Companero label

Claims to deliver. Also, this wine goes well with mixed grill (?).

The label is red and yellow. It caught my eye. That’s why I bought it. My father always told me that Red And Yellow ia the most eye-catching combination.

It says to chill in your fridge for 10 minutes. That’s so upper class!  I want to know, “How many minutes in the ice box?”



We totally liked this one and would buy it again. It’s easy enough to remember.

Companero price

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